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filmmaker Fiona Tande

Fiona Tande


Fiona is a wildlife camera assistant with an interest in building her skills to become one of the leading cinematographers from Kenya. She is also a location manager and can assist in organizing on the ground logistics, DIT and researching.

Her agency, Pridelands Films, can also assist in finding local talent to join shoots, car and equipment hire as well as organize film workshop events.

Growing up watching natural history series from when she was young and learning about animal behavior, Fiona gravitated towards wildlife and sought to be more involved in their protection and preservation.

In 2018, after several years practicing wildlife conservation with various organizations such as Kenya Wildlife Trust’s Mara Predator Conservation Program, Action for Cheetahs in Kenya, Lion Guardians and Local Ocean Conservation, Fiona did a short wildlife film course with Africa Media and decided to go into wildlife filmmaking. This is when she found Pridelands Films – a wildlife film agency based in her home country, Kenya. In addition to growing as a camera operator in the film industry, she has explored other avenues of cinematography such as underwater filming and is a RAID certified Performance Diver with 40hrs dive time.

Fiona hopes to help elevate fellow Kenyans who have an interest in honing their wildlife and conservation film skills as well as produce films that tap into the many local wildlife stories that are yet to be fully explored.

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We rent the latest camera gear or a reliable off road vehicle for filming out on the Kenyan landscape.